Fresh Farm Plus (FFP)

Fresh Farm Plus (FFP) is about delivering natures best direct to your door in Tianjin/Beijing.

We work directly with farms that use sustainable practices to ensure safety for the consumer and the environment.

FFP is Australian owned and is based in Wuqing , Tianjin, People's Republic of China

We deliver direct fresh, authentic farm food to your door.

It takes 2 minutes a week.
Clean, safe and convenient


Zero Waste Packaging

To guarantee quality and reduce our environmental impact we ship product using returnable non-disposable EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) CSA Boxes. This material is highly durable, temperature resistant material is 100% recyclable. Please note: 300 RMB refundable deposit for every member


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Working together for better

Fresh Farm Plus co chairs the Environmental & Sustainability Committee At the American Chamber of Commerce, Tianjin.The committee currently has two active programs:

TReC Designed for schools this program to help reinforce and grow their current eco/sustainable incentives that has 3 main components: Recycling, Media and Portfolio.

TECC Developing and nurturing an environmental corporate culture is not easy but it shouldn't be hard! Our committee helps member companies achieve and promote corporate sustainability.

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