CSA Box Conditions

  • For a higher quality delivery and to reduce our ecological foot print we use reusable EEP containers to send product. Every memberships requires a 300RMB deposit and 35 RMB usage fee per member. If you decide to stop using our membership 265 RMB will be returned  .


  • When you receive a delivery the courier will ask you to empty the contents of the box and they will automatically return it.


  • The CSA Box must be returned in a clean state without odor or stain. CSA Boxes returned in a dirty state will have a 10 RMB Cleaning Fee .


  • If parts of the CSA Box return damaged beyond use or/ are missing the 300RMB deposit will not be returned.


  • If you are not at the registered address and collect the CSA Box later, it is the members responsibility to arrange and send the back the CSA Box before receiving the next delivery .


Please follow the steps below to complete the process:

  1. Go to and fill in your address details to schedule a pick up



  1. Copy and Paste the information below for the destination address.

Receiver: 熊凯

Contact Number: 13011381955


Name 黄花店小镇,

District: 武清区,

City: 天津